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Anna Clark has been working in the design industry since 1998.


After studying interior design and graduating from Baylor University, she worked for a wholesale floral and home decor company which ultimately led her to work as an independent designer in Dallas.


Anna started her design business in 2004, specializing in decorating interior residential and commercial spaces.  After gaining several years of experience in the design industry, Anna’s business has grown into a very successful interior design and remodeling business.


She works with a wide range of contractors, subs and builders within the Dallas area which has broadened her knowledge of design services, project requirements, and expectations. 


Every design project is unique and different, depending on the client’s individual needs and goals. Whether your need is decorating, design or remodeling, Anna Clark Interiors' desire is to create interior spaces that are not only beautiful, but also livable and functional. 

Contact Anna today to set up a consultation for your next project, here.

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